Listen To Your Body

  • Posted on: August 9, 2016
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Running not only invites me to listen to my body, but it often demands that I do so. Every bit of agony and ecstasy, every sore and stretched muscle, every breath and gasp and feeling of “can I keep going?” only to discover that yes, I’m fact, I can.

And whether you run or not, the invitation is the same: listen to your body. There is more to “you” than the mind that is processing these words. You are all of you, not just a disembodied collection of neurons and synapses.

Embrace your flesh. Live into your bones. And listen to your body.

  1. How often do you listen to your body?
  2. What does it mean for you to embrace your flesh and live into your bones?

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Written & Spoken by Jim Kast-Keat
Music by Dexter Britain
Footage by VideoBlocks
Edited by Jim Kast-Keat

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