Come Quickly

The book of Revelation is not a crystal ball to the future. It is a mythopoetic vision of what is already happening.

We face an apocalypse of our own making, with our own weapons and our consumption of the very earth that keeps us alive. The question is not, “What will happen? What does the Bible say will happen?” The question is, “Are there any wild dreamers who see beyond our empires, who call out our own self-destructive evil, who are caught up in a new vision, a new Tree of Life for our own troubled century?”

As the book says, “Come quickly.”

  1. Who are the wild dreamers in our world today?
  2. What is your new vision for our trouble century?

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Written & spoken by Kent Dobson
Music by YEYEY
Footage by Pond5 and VideoBlocks
Edited by Jim Kast-Keat

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