Good News For The In-Betweeners

This is for the in-betweeners, living between everyday oppression and world peace, the now-is and the is-to-come, in that dry space where nothing is certain.

Revelation is what we write when we’re chanting “We will win!” but we don’t know for sure that we will win, and we don’t all agree what winning means.

Sometimes the good news is that the war is over but Revelation is for times when the only good news is that we can still envision good. In those times, there will be an angel, a John, and hope in the fall of empire and the restructuring of the world.

And we who live in the middle of this story, not its end, we proclaim that Babylon is fallen and righteousness is the rightful rule for the Earth. This is our hope and our testimony: Maranatha.

  1. What does it feel like to live between everyday oppression and world peace?
  2. In one word, what is your hope? What is your testimony?

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Written & spoken by Keisha E. McKenzie
Music by Gillicuddy
Footage by Oruminante
Edited by Jim Kast-Keat

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