Stubborn Hope

The Revelation from Jesus Christ to everyone caught in the thicket of empire, persecution, and death; everyone who hopes for equality, plenty, and life: the time is near.

It’s a message of stubborn hope, written for a people pushed around, waging war, and telling stories. “Write what you’ve seen, what is now, and what will take place later.”

And the message is coded in letters to the resistance around Asia Minor. John tells all the truth to the people, not to the powerful. He tells it with lampstands and beasts, and sulfur and thunder, and women and elders, the Lion and the lamb.

The Time Is Near. Blessed are those who hear this.

  1. What does it look like to be “caught in the thicket of empire” in our world today?
  2. What’s your message of stubborn hope?

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Written & spoken by Keisha E. McKenzie
Music by Podington Bear
Footage by VideoBlocks and Mitch Martinez
Edited by Jim Kast-Keat

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