This Is Philippians

Philippians. A letter of encouragement, of rejoicing, of rebuke, of reminder. Reminding us that the God who rules the cosmos isn’t a domineering dictator but a sacrificial servant, giving his life for the good of all of creation. A reminder that this faith that we cling to is worth more than our lives and that sometimes standing up for what is right and holy and good will result in harsh consequences from those in power.

Philippians, a reminder that the way of Jesus isn’t of privilege, power, but of humility and grace. A reminder that when it all is said and done, it is not our best efforts or our religious piety, but love, the all surpassing, all encompassing love of God that will at last save the day. This is Philippians.

  1. Do you see God more as a domineering dictator or a sacrificial servant? 
  2. Describe a time you experienced the way of Jesus as power and privilege. Describe a time you experienced the way of Jesus as humility and grace.

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Written & spoken by Brandan Robertson
Music by Gillicuddy
Footage by VideoBlocks and Pond5
Edited by Jim Kast-Keat

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