Peace On Earth

The virgin birth troubles me.

You see, most Christmas lore has some plausible explanation. The star that appeared to Jesus’ birth could have been a comet. The shepherds may have seasoned their meal with a mushroom or two before the angels appeared. But the virgin birth — where did that DNA come from?

Despite its scientific absurdity, this teaching fascinates me. It speaks of an incarnation, of God with us, come with an incredible message: God invites all creation into healing and reconciliation.

Peace on earth, goodwill towards all people.

  1. What troubles you about Christmas lore?
  2. What does healing and reconciliation look like for our world today?

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Written & Spoken by Mike McHargue
Music by Melodysheep
Footage by Brad Zimmerman, Mitch Martinez, Pond5, and Jim Kast-Keat
Edited by Jim Kast-Keat

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