God Is Not A Man

Feminism and faith is nothing more than the struggle to return women to their rightful place as God-ordained co-creators on the earth.

It’s a correction of errant interpretations of divine inspiration. It’s a reminder that God is not a man and doesn’t endorse special status for men above women.

Feminism and faith is respect for our mothers, empowerment of our daughter, and the willingness to let women in our religious communities define their roles according to their abilities, not their body parts.

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WordsAmanda Quraishi
Image: Alison Amyx
Music: Broke For Free

  • Philosophical vs theological vs scientific: That the Bible places males before females at creation is scientifically necessary.
    It’s a matter of chromosomes (yep a basic body part). If women came first there is no yDNA, just a double xDNA structure.
    Female can be pulled from male and simply have duplicate x’s to define their gender.
    Plants and many species reproduce very well with a male — but lack the rapid (in terms of generations, not time) development of genetic variations.
    When we are told “In God’s image” it is not physical, rather it is mental — the ability to think and create to the extend man, above all creative creatures, has demonstrated they can do… The Image of God is Wisdom, Knowledge and Understand which have always been associated with the female, and biologically has been shown (in numerous peer-review studies) to emanate from the female … Hence the Garden symbolism of Eve (symbolically, wisdom) talking to Serpent (also wisdom) and eating from a tree (also wisdom), while dumb Adam simply does what he is told without question — never recognizing that he was told to only eat apple like fruit and also not to eat it.

    • Jim Kast-Keat

      Bill, thanks for your comment. But are you saying that the the creation poem in Genesis 1 is arranged the way it is out of scientific necessity?

  • John Younger

    So the Christian God is not male? So you are saying Jesus was incorrect when he called God, Father?

    • Jim Kast-Keat

      Any gender attributed to God is an analogue rather than an actuality. We can’t help but project our contextual point of view onto God. And in the case of first century Palestine (and a person like Jesus), calling God “Father” was simply the contextual language at hand. God is always bigger than our finite and contextual language. God is bigger than any gender binary we construct.

      • John the Younger

        “Any gender attributed to God is an analogue rather than an actuality.” Really, is the because you’ve met God or is that simply your opinion? In terms of the Christian God, Jesus called him Father. I take more stock in that than what you have to say.

        • Jim Kast-Keat

          My own opinion, and one that I know I’m not alone in holding! I see Jesus’ words embedded in and reflecting the language and ideology of his cultural context.

          I think that any gender expression is inadequate for God. What do you think?

          (Also, if you’re up for it I’d love to have you record a #30SOL with your thoughts on this. Interested?)

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