A More Liberative Christianity

The good news in Joshua does not lie within the story itself but how this story challenges Christians to confront the dangers lurking within the Bible. These dangers still exist, even with hermeneutical strategies to deal with difficult texts.

To disarm the conquest narrative we just might need to confront practices such as continuing to authorize the Bible as the sole scripture within our tradition. Ironically, Joshua just might lead the way to a more liberative Christianity.

  1. What dangers do you see lurking within the Bible?
  2. What would a more liberative Christianity look like?

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Written & spoken by Kate Common
Music by Podington Bear
Footage by Videohive and VideoBlocks
Edited by Jim Kast-Keat

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  • Brenda

    Some feedback here: This is hard to follow in an auditory sense. Maybe she talks too fast.

    • Thanks for the feedback Brenda. But if you think this is some fast talking, you’d better watch out for some of mine! I try and try and try to keep my word count low (and my pace of speech slow) but more often than not I end up cramming in too many words as fast as my mouth can move. (Also, 30 seconds goes by really fast!)

      • Brenda

        But to fire hose the Bible at someone seems disrespectful of them and the Bible. I am repulsed by the commercials on the radio that just throw a bunch of words at you so fast you can’t possibly track them. It sends a message that you are not important, the words are not important, the message is not important, the point is just to throw out word confetti. I do not think one honors the Bible or does evangelism any service by a dish it out fast approach with the goal being to dish it out fast. This is the most important information anyone will ever hear. We must do it justice.