Heaven And Hell (part 3a)

  • Posted on: April 29, 2015
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They’re waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

She stands with her one way ticket held tight in her hand, trying to think of anything she can say to her ticketless platform companion to make this hell a bit easier to endure.

But no words come. They stand a few feet away from each other with an impassable gap between then that no bridge seems like it could span.

The minutes become hours and still no train. How long until they realize it’s not coming at all? How long until they realize this is their eternity? How long until they realize it can be either heaven or hell. How long until they realize that being where you are is more important than waiting to be somewhere else?

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WordsJim Kast-Keat
Image: Adam Walker Cleaveland
Music: Melodysheep