A New Hope

People say the latest Star Wars movie is a retelling of the first. I’d say the same thing about the Gospels. That’s why I love Exodus so much–it’s A New Hope to the Gospels’ The Force Awakens.

In Exodus, Moses escapes mass infanticide to become an unexpected leader. He encounters God while wandering in the wilderness, and through his obedience, the people of God are delivered from bondage and see a new way to live. Like Luke Skywalker and Rey, the story arcs of Moses and Jesus are remarkably similar.

You can’t have The Force Awakens without A New Hope. And you can’t have the Gospels without Exodus. Both are accounts of how God delivers us from bondage and into freedom.

  1. What other connections do you see between Exodus and the gospels and the various Star Wars movies?
  2. How does God continue to deliver people from bondage and into freedom in our world today?

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  • ERSchindler

    I’m digging your 30-second Bible & will listen to more. Just a quick note that the word “infanticide” has 4 syllables.