A Network Of Ideas

  • Posted on: September 24, 2015
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The church is a network of ideas, extending beyond our self-declared borders and our steeple-topped walls. The arcane ecclesiology of declining and dying denominations may be our past, but it does not have to be our future.

Technology is nothing new but rather is the non-biological offspring of our collective humanity, from papyrus scrolls to the Roman roads to Gutenberg’s printing press to Samuel Morse’s telegraphic language to a world where “iPhone, therefore I am.”

This technology and the digital cloud that we find ourselves walking through allow us to discover real connections, for virtual is not the opposite of real, it is simply the opposite of physical.

And so church, I charge you to embrace this cloud and our ever emerging brave new world. Being a person of faith does not mean you have to be a person of antiquity. Snap it, Tweet it, ‘gram it, and more as we discover a network of ideas come to life in the virtual realities and the real virtualities that make up the world of today and tomorrow and beyond.

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