Happy Birthday

Thirty things i love about Jes Kast-Keat:

  1. Her eyes
  2. Her smile
  3. Her smirk
  4. Her style
  5. The way she turns “pastor” into “fashionista”
  6. She’s strong
  7. She’s brave
  8. She’s bold
  9. She’s beautiful
  10. Put her in a room with Mindy Kaling and I’m pretty sure they’ll be best friends and create a new tv show by the end of the night
  11. She puts the “femme” in feminist,
  12. the “new” in New York City,
  13. subverts the “man” in Manhattan,
  14. prays with her legs,
  15. and sets a table with room for all.
  16. She’s a president,
  17. a pastor,
  18. and one hell of a partner.
  19. She knows what she wants
  20. and she’s not afraid to tell you what it is.
  21. She’s kind but not nice,
  22. she cuddles like no other,
  23. she knows her boundaries
  24. and actually keeps them,
  25. and helps me do the same.
  26. She’s creative,
  27. articulate,
  28. an amazing leader,
  29. a beautiful human being,
  30. and my best friend.

Happy thirtieth birthday.

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WordsJim Kast-Keat
Image: Jim Kast-Keat
Music: Monk Turner