Some Of It Even Happened

  • Posted on: February 8, 2016
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The Bible is a communal library, filled with harmony and dissonance, hope and lament, faith and doubt, questions and answers and more questions to those answers.

It is myth and legend and poetry and prophecy and story and letter and authentic and forged and stories passed down and down and down and down and eventually written in stone or on a scroll.

The whole Bible is true. And some of it even happened.

  1. How would you describe the Bible?
  2. In your own words, what does “the whole Bible is true and some of it even happened” mean?

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  • alan burt

    I I’ll look through these videos. I will give it a fair shake. But ill be honest. Using rob bell as a catalyst for your videos in something that looks very similar to his old numa videos biblically and from a hermeneutical perspective scares me to no end. Rob Bell isnt even a Christian…

    • Alan, thanks for checking out the videos. And to say that Rob’s not a Christian seems like a bit of an extreme statement. I like to think that the Christian faith is wider than we often assume, including Rob, myself, and many of the contributors to the #30SecondBible series.

      • alan burt
        • Maybe the word “Christian” isn’t defined as narrowly as some theologians would like. Maybe it just means one who follows Jesus as best as they can (origin of word: “a little Christ”). Maybe it includes people like Gregory of Nyssa and George Macdonald (C.S. Lewis’s spiritual “master”) who refused to believe that God would torture people forever because they didn’t hear the right thing in time. Who took Jesus seriously when he said that “a time of pruning/discipline” (a literal translation of the Greek) in Matthew 25 is for those who do not serve marginalized people in love, without mention of what doctrines they preach/believe. Maybe it includes people created gay who also love God.

          Maybe you could give Rob Bell a chance to speak on his own, instead of listening to those who seem to have a voice of anger and exclusion and judgement like Franklin Graham. I decided to do so myself a couple of years ago, and found him to be a great teacher who really knows and loves both the Bible and Jesus.

      • alan burt

        It’s not extreem. Rob Bell is on record on saying the church must change its beliefs that are firmly rooted in scripture in order to become more palatable for the common man. That by definition is non Christian. And blasphemous. He needs true repentance in his life.