We Have To Stay Awake

The quest for a savior usually ends badly.
Messiah-figures break their promises.
They fail us.
They cheat us out of our hope.
And if a special Messiah comes along
An extraordinary Messiah
A God-in-the-flesh
We kill them.
But Jesus
Jesus tells us to wait for apocalyptic days
Not watching and waiting for someone to
But watching and waiting for our chance
To be awake when it all goes down.
Like staying up to see the sunrise, refusing to fall asleep,
If we want to see the Messiah in all of this madness,
We have to stay awake.

  1. What are you watching and waiting for?
  2. How would you describe “all of this madness” in our world today?

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Written & Spoken by Mandy Meisenheimer
Music by Dexter Britain
Footage by VideoBlocks and Oruminante
Edited by Jim Kast-Keat

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