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As I stood outside the souq in Musquat, Oman, I felt the air around me reverberate with the sound of the call to prayer. And like a circadian rhythm, the entire city shifted. Shops closed, the streets quieted, and I realized that there are many things I can learn from the rhythms and rituals of my Muslim siblings, sisters, and brothers.

Prior to this trip I had only know Islam to be whatever the media portrayed it as. I was stuck in an intellectual tug of war between NPR and FOX News. But now, with my feet on the ground and my eyes wide open, I was able to see these people as real people, this faith tradition as faithful, and peace as our common practice and goal.


  1. What has impacted your opinion on other faith traditions?
  2. What intellectual tug-of-wars are you stuck between?

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Written & Spoken by Jim Kast-Keat
Music by Ahmad Al-Nafees
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