You Can Be Redeemed

The good news of Second Chronicles is that you can be redeemed. The clearest example is Manasseh, who worshiped other gods, establishing altars for them in the Temple and throughout Israel, and even sacrificing two sons to Moloch. He was taken into captivity and, in deep despair, repented. Despite his former wickedness, he returned to the throne and lived a new life. This message is unwelcome in our age of online mobocracy, in which any moral failing marks us as contemptible and beyond hope.

  1. You can be redeemed. Do you always believe it?
  2. How have you experienced (or participated) in our age of online mobocracy?

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Written & spoken by Adam Gonnerman
Music by Podington Bear
Footage by VideoBlocks
Edited by Jim Kast-Keat

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