From Solomon To Hoshea

2nd Chronicles is the story, told from the perspective of returned Israelites after the Babylonian exile, about why YHWH, their god, judged the nation and cast them out of the promised land.

Beginning with Solomon and ending with Hoshea, the deeds and misdeeds of the kings and the people are portrayed as invoking the blessing or wrath of YHWH. A basic cause-and-effect morality is at work in this book, and kings are judged entirely on their obedience to the Law in terms of support of the Temple and its priesthood.

  1. When did you feel that you had invoked the blessing or wrath of God?
  2. Where do you see basic cause-and-effect moralities at play in our world?

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Written & spoken by Adam Gonnerman
Music by Podington Bear
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Edited by Jim Kast-Keat

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